Services provided by Dr SteamClean are fully insured & satisfaction guaranteed, so rest assured you are in good hands.

Steam cleaner cleaning carpet



Services with  Dr Steam Clean provide a host of different Cleaning, Sanitising, Deodorising, Restoration and Surface Protection processes for over 15 years catering for residential homes & commercial or industrial type cleaning. More Specifically we offer services including our core business of steam cleaning carpets which help get your carpets back in the best shape & color possible for all occasions and purposes guaranteed plus we’re fully insured for every carpet cleaning task that is required.

Our leather conditioning service will ensure the quality of your leather is maintained and that your leather items are brought new life especially if they have not been treated before, you will really love it’s fresh new look.

The forgotten art of cleaning Upholstery and Persian rugs is one that should not be overlooked for the clean & healthy home or workplace, pets can leave behind alot of trace materials that can build up over time & become unhealthy & somewhat odour-some for visitors plus the build up of dust & dust mites in upholstery & Persian rugs can be an issue for people with respiratory & allergy problems such as Asthma, so act now and keep everyone healthy and happy and as a bonus you can be confident about your upholstery and rugs which will look great to.

Our car interior steam cleaning services is a must considering the small space by which odours can quickly and easily take up residents from those little or large takeout food spillages, or what about sweat from the gym, being over dressed or just from those hot and stuffy days, how about the smokers or pet owners and there are many more scenarios that can add to car interior odours worth cleaning. All these things can by themselves or if combined cause odours to mount up via bacteria and residue’s left behind in such scenarios & would not be expressly enjoyed by friends, family or foe’s that would perhaps be joining you inside your car, so give us a call & we can take care of it for you as steam cleaning is inherently sanitising & deodorising.

Curtains can be another source of odours as they attract moisture & dirt being close to windows and acting as a barrier to the outside environmentals, giving them a steam clean is the perfect way to restore and refresh your barriers brilliance and purpose whilst removing dirt & odours.

Your hard floors need a good disinfecting once in a while & steam cleaning is the best service to do it as it will emulsify any greasy residues left over from cooking, or soaps  & the many other possibilities, plus it’s alot more effective than doing it the old fasion way by hand & mop leaving you saw & tired, so why not palm the job off to Dr Steam Clean and rest assured you will be pleased with the results of our services.

Ouch – flood damage or emergency water damage treatments, did the pipes burst, the taps get left on or do you reside in a low flood risk area, don’t let water damage stains & that damp odour set itself  into your carpets, upholstery, rugs or curtains, whatever the reason steam cleaning will steralise & remove fungal build up that naturally occur from these materials being wet for extended periods of time, you must act now and deal with this before it sets in so give us a call anytime for any emergency cleanups.

All stains are pre-treated for maximum cleaning results,  sanitising, deodorising and protection is also available.

If you wish to try your hand at removing some stains check out our Cleaning Tips Section or you can just let our Highly Experienced Professional Steam Cleaning Services do the hard work for you – so give us a call and you are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

Notice the Difference With Our Service

Steam Cleaned Carpets

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam Clean your carpets to eliminate locked in pollutants which otherwise soil your carpets.

Steam Cleaned Treated Upholstery

Steam Clean Upholstery

Steam Cleaning your Upholstery is a vital part of keeping your home a healthy and clean place to live.

Steam Cleaned Hard Floors

Steam Clean Hard Floors

Steam Cleaning your Hard Floors allows you to safely remove greasy residues and disinfects the floor surface.